Road Trips

Four Wheels and an Open Road

There is something about conquering black asphalt across distances and watching it disappear in the rear-view mirror. Great tunes blasting out on the car stereo and the wind in your hair through an open window – or with the roof down if you’re lucky enough to be driving a convertible.

Since I was a little boy and my father took our family on its first cross-country road trip, I’ve had a great love for taking car trips. It’s the sense of freedom it gives and the adventure it brings. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world as you conquer quaint villages and bustling cities dotted along incredible landscapes.

As you may have guessed by now, this is one of my FAVORITE things to do with my spare time.

Car Trip Fanatics – Rejoice!

Lucky for car trip fanatics like me, top automotive companies are making it possible for us to take some of our favorite cars on amazing driving experiences in countries around the world.

Ever had the urge to take a McLaren or a Lamborghini for a ride? It’s possible with Waldorf hotels in the U.A.E, North America and Europe. How about a private tour around the Ferrari Museum in Italy while driving around in a Ferrari? I’ll take some red wine and pizza with that, thanks.

From off-road adventures in Morocco for 4X4 fans, to posh trips sliding around the Bavarian countryside or through the streets of Munich in a sports car – there is a massive variety of car trips available.

In this section I will tell you more about some of the trips I’ve already done, and about those I’d still love to do.


Check back in soon to read about my road trips